Restoring America's Heritage

Opened initially as an option to serve families within the Academy’s public charter school network, John Adams Academy, Inc. is now in its 13th year of successful and growing operation. 

Starting in Fall 2025, JAA-Online will be available to any family, anywhere, in the world through either the tuition-free public charter option or the private school option.

Why John Adams?

Dr. Dean Forman and Linda Forman founded John Adams Academy with the help of pioneering volunteers, parents and scholars. What started as an idea to provide freedom and liberty in education within a local community has led to John Adams Academy - Online, the reality of providing freedom and liberty in education to all.

Experience the difference of this life-changing program.

Born out of the highly successful John Adams Academy Vision and Mission of Restoring America’s Heritage by Developing Servant-Leaders®, John Adams Academy-Online was created to empower families by giving them new and convenient ways of accessing our American Classical Leadership Education®.

Our program offers the flexibility, support, freedom and community that is hard to find elsewhere. Each year, hundreds of scholars have enrolled in this program, and enjoy the benefits and success that Online provides.

Over the years, John Adams Academy has realized that great mentors are essential in order for scholars to experience success within a program. As such the Academy has dedicated significant time and resources to not only attract amazing mentors to teach and serve in the Online program, but dedicated purposefully into their professional development so that our online scholars and families receive the full benefit.  

Taking you from where you are, to where you want to be!

Vision & Mission

John Adams Academy is restoring America’s heritage by developing servant-leaders who are keepers and defenders of the principles of freedom for which our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

Restoring America's Heritage

America’s heritage is a tradition of self-governing, virtuous citizens who unite in pursuit of unalienable, certain, and universal principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. This free society is grounded in the principles of liberty and freedom embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. These principles include:

  • individuals are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights
  • the existence of objective truth and natural law which govern all humanity
  • governments are instituted to secure the inalienable rights of the governed and derive their just power from the consent of the governed
  • good governments are inherently limited in the form of a republic with checks and balances and separation of powers
  • the inseparability of individual liberty and personal responsibility
  • justice under the law for all people

Developing Servant Leaders

A servant leader is a self-governing citizen who is dedicated to causes greater than self; in particular, the cultivation, propagation, and defense of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for self and others.

A servant leader pursues these high causes by courageously applying truth, wisdom, and virtue as he or she leads others through service.

A servant leader is driven by an inner compass of virtues and core values, with a natural desire to serve and empower others. This is not about being subservient but about the sincere desire to help others. A servant leader has the vision to see what is and what could be, and has the will and abilities needed to move self and others toward the ideal. A servant leader has the courage to apply the virtues even at their testing point.