American Classical Leadership Education®


All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.

Sir Walter Scott

Classical education, and so much more!  

The goal of the American Classical Leadership Education® is a great citizen and noble soul who seeks truth, is schooled by wisdom, and has the virtue to act on that wisdom. 

Preparing future leaders and statesmen through principle-based education centered in classics and great mentors. Scholars enjoy a classical liberal arts curriculum encompassing history, English, math, visual and performing arts, laboratory science, foreign language, physical education, and college preparatory electives.

Studying primary sources as the main textbooks, scholars are guided through the great ideas of history by applying the lessons of the past to the challenges of today. 

Using the Socratic method of instruction, and questioning strategies to illicit higher forms of reasoning, we teach scholars how to think, not what to think.  

The foundation of this model is liberty, upon which the four pillars of our educational model are grounded. 

It is liberty, not force, that constitutes the basis of an education of a free people.

John Adams Academy’s American Classical Leadership Education® is a liberty-based education that leads a scholar to servant leadership through the pursuit of truth and the development of virtue and wisdom.

What is leadership education?

Leadership education develops thinkers, leaders, inventors, citizens, entrepreneurs and statesman. It educates individuals “how to think” and teaches them why it is important.

Robert Hutchins said this type of education is "the education of free men in the knowledge and skills that are needed to remain free."

Classically educated leaders are prepared to motivate and inspire individuals, communities and nations to a greater good in an environment of freedom and prosperity that naturally produces the best society has to offer.

4 Pillars of an American Classical Leadership Education®

Standing upon the firm foundation of liberty are the pillars of an American Classical Leadership Education®.

The core values are the culture that enriches the fertile environment for the development of servant leaders. They are the language or currency used to express our leadership and character-building educational program.

The art of mentoring is the liberty-based art by which scholars are mentored and led through the liberal arts and the classics while respecting the sovereign nature and intrinsic worth of the scholar.

It is through the pillar of the classics that a scholar engages in the Great Conversation that asks age old questions, and thereby discovers what is good, true, and beautiful. As with our national founders, classics hold the potential to transform a scholar into a wiser and more liberated servant leader.

Whereas classics provide the content of our program, the liberal arts provide the practice. The liberal arts are the arts a scholar must cultivate to become liberated from ignorance and ennobled to virtuous and dignified thinking and acting. They are also the arts of a free society.

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