An Online Choice

Whether you want to skip the hectic pick-up and drop-off lines, avoid lengthy waitlists, or want greater freedom, where you live shouldn't prevent you from giving your child the best education possible.  John Adams Academy - Online allows you access to its highly sought after American Classical Leadership Education® in this powerful at-home option.

Our home-based learning option provides families the ability to live the lifestyle they want to live while providing their children a classical leadership education based in primary sources, mentors, and classics.  We give families tools to ensure educational choice without compromising quality. Our program is a fully scalable, plug and play option that allows parents to be the drivers in their family’s education.  

Perfect for individual family use, homeschool co-ops, or micro school environments, the freedom, flexibility and stability of John Adams Academy-Online delivers education solutions that take families from where they are to where they want to be.

Tuition-Free Charter School Option in 8 California counties

JAA-Online is available in our tuition-free charter schools for California residents who live in the counties where our in-person campuses are located, or are adjacent to the counties where our in-person campuses are located. 

Do I qualify for tuition-free?

Private School Option beginning in 2025

Beginning in the 2025-2026 school year, the American Classical Lyceum™ will offer the JAA-Online Private School program to families worldwide.  You want to give your child the world. Start by giving them an American Classical Leadership Education®.