Principle-based education.

Preparing servant-leaders through principle-based education centered in classics and mentors.

Every child gets a front row seat.

Ready access to high-quality classical education.


Empowering parents and scholars.

Families design and lead an education that meets their needs.

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Vision & Mission

John Adams Academy is restoring America’s heritage by developing servant-leaders who are keepers and defenders of the principles of freedom for which our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

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Things to Know

John Adams Academy-Online is the school you have been waiting for! Our nationwide program allows you to attend no matter where you live! Here are four things everyone should know to get started!

Any school-aged child who lives within one of the eight listed CA counties can attend John Adams Academy-Online in grades TK-12. Coming fall of 2024 any school-aged child can attend.

John Adams Academy-Online is tuition-free for families that live in certain California counties.  Coming fall of 2024 this highly sought after online program will be available at a low cost for families anywhere else in the world.

If you desire an American classical leadership education but need more flexibility and independence for your family, as a parent have the time and desire to be a more active participant and mentor to your scholar(s), and your scholar can thrive in a more self-paced environment, then the Online program is a good fit.

Simply click the Enroll Now button to find out which program option is available for you. Then follow the links to submit an application. Once you get offered a seat, you will be able to submit all registration paperwork online!

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