Unlike classroom based programs that require you to go at the pace of others, JAA-Online Tuition-Free Charter School gives you the ability to work ahead, explore more content, pursue your interests and participate in extra-curricular activities. JAA-Online Tuition-Free Charter School allows you to have flexibility in your schedule without sacrificing academic rigor. 

JAA-Online Tuition-Free Charter School’s Flex scheduling provides you the ability to choose between classes that include live sessions led by our world class mentors and Flex classes that you can do anytime or anywhere. Choose courses from delivery options that allow you to fully customize an education that fits your needs.   

  • Design your own educational experience
  • Set your own pace
  • Utilize as much independent study as you need
  • Meet your teachers and classmates in convenient office hours and study times
  • Add the enrichments and after school activities that you choose
Learning Management System


JAA-Online utilizes Canvas, the first-class learning management system (LMS) as the platform for course delivery. This robust platform can be accessed from anywhere at any time from any device.

Through Canvas, families communicate with their teachers and classmates, easily track daily assignment completion, receive timely feedback from teacher in both written and video form, access grades and receive missing assignments reports. 

This easy-to-use platform allows scholars to navigate their courses independently beginning in 3rd Grade.