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Meet Kate

Traveling Family

Kate is an 8th grade scholar whose dad travels a lot for work. Her family chose John Adams Academy-Online so they could travel with him!

This past school year, Kate spent a month in Hong Kong, a month in Germany and a couple of weeks in Chicago. 

Even with the time differences, Kate chose to attend most of her LIVE class sessions.

Using the Microsoft Teams chat feature, she has been able to stay in touch with friends and attend many of their impromptu and fun homework sessions.

  • 10am


    Wake up in hotel in Hong Kong! Spent the weekend exploring Beijing, China and touring the Great Wall!

  • 10am


    Breakfast / Get ready for the day

  • 10am


    Check messages and send emails to friends and JAA – Online Mentors

  • 11am


    Explore Hong Kong!

  • 2pm


    Heads back to the hotel, listens to 4 chapters of To Kill a Mocking Bird using the Canvas app on her phone

  • 4pm


    Snack & takes a nap. She wants to attend live class tonight and with the time change she needs to get some sleep during the day

  • 7pm


    Wake up and exercise / Work on math and science assignments

  • 8pm


    Finish her logic and Latin assignments

  • 9pm


    Eats meal and does her evening chores

  • 10pm


    Finish up the rest of her assignments for today

  • 12:30am


    Logs into Canvas for her live humanities class. Shows them pictures she took over the weekend on the Great Wall of China

  • 2am