John Adams Academy is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Our high school courses are A-G approved and our graduation requirements exceed UC & CSU admissions criteria.  Academy graduates have learned and practiced logic and reasoning skills. They studied the great books and ideas of western civilization, and are able to critically & effectively read, write, and communicate.   By combining our American Classical Education™  with Core Values, and Servant Leadership, our scholars have gained the skills and confidence necessary to thrive in any endeavor they choose.


Ready for College, 

Ready for Life!

Scholars who graduate from John Adams Academy have gained the skills and confidence necessary to thrive in any endeavor they choose.


John Adams Academy Graduates:

Write & Defend Thesis

With the help of mentors, scholars write a college level thesis paper and defend it in front of a panel of faculty.

Deliver Speech

The ability to speak clearly and effectively is an essential element of leadership. Our graduates write and deliver a speech to their peers, and guests as a demonstration of their rhetoric.

Service Project

Scholars actively participate in service learning projects as a means of applying their knowledge. To graduate, scholars will organize and conduct their own service project.

Are Leaders

Scholars learn how to be leaders of distinction. A true servant leader models humility, knowing that there are always more opportunities for growth.

Learn HOW to think

JAA Scholars learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think, as they practice logic & reasoning skills.

Are lifelong learners

Scholars are inspired to seek knowledge and take ownership of their own education. In doing so they become lifelong learners pursuing the good, true and beautiful.